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So :iconzelka94: told me before but I didn't believe her. 
I thought the twisting plot was kinda interesting at first.
But...IS IT JUST ME OR IS BLEACH FALLING OFF?! I am sooo disappointed with the latest chapters. TEH SPOILERZ, THEY BE AHEAD

Hitsugaya is dead outta nowhere and he is also a zombie that can speak and think like a normal person...without any weird glitches. Soooooo confused right now. 
So after finding out Ichigo is a quincy too I'd pretty much accepted that anything you can think of Ichigo will be it and will be twenty times better than everyone at it. And then guess what "God" is interested in man the flip he interested in something he created for? THIS MAN PLANS OUT WHAT HE DOES NEXT...HOW YOU GET INTERESTED IN WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW GONNA HAPPEN?????  
-Unless he is only the God of shinigami and doesnt reign over people who are every single thing ever born- So yeah that maybe wrong but if ya ask me dude got too powerful too quick, I mean by the first arc he is able to beat the strongest captain(excluding the head commander). Then by the second one he is stronger than the head commander(beat aizen). Now I didn't have annnnyyyy problems with this before but now I look back and its like this series progressed too fast. Its only the fourth arc...and hes the strongest one outta all of the other good guys. I just feel like its too soon, I dunno maybe its just me. 
 And all of a sudden everyones dead. The dog guy, vice commander, the commander, almost byakuya but he brought him back because fangirls were gonna  kill him, hitsugaya, unohana, kensei, otoribashi, ulquiorra and gin( I will never be over it NEVVVVVVEEEERRRRRRR).  Like are you trying to be the anime George R.R Martin.  (...Okay so I'm exaggerating a bit...just a bit though.)  But mary is not liking the new developments. To be honest the only thing thats actually sparked an interest in me is the chick whose actually a guy. 
AND THENNNNN UGH. all of a sudden tite took a page outta kishi's book and made stuff repeat until you change the way you react............have you run out of ideas? i used to like you, i might still but dang it im just not so into the plot anymore. I'm starting not to care even if Ichigo wins have lost my excitement :( Mary is disappoint. 

On the other hand .......THAT NEW NARUTO CHAPTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUS THEY GOT SAKURA INTO THE LAST BIT, SO HAPPPPYYYYY 

HOWEVER. feel like they coulda used Sakura to do more...all I seen her do is open a portal and punch somebody(BUT AT SUCH A GOOD MOMENT)...and they wonder why people hate Sakura. Like dont get confused but I got into an argument with a Sakura hater and sad to say but he had some good points. Now after a couple of paragraphs I successfully turned him into a Sakura lover(I'm just magic like that).  And his main point was she could do more, and thats why he didnt like her. WHICH IS SOOOOO TRUE. I mean I understand Naruto and Sauske are the CHOSEN ones but man couldn't they have where Naruto or Sauske gives her some power like Naruto did when he had the Kyyubi? So she wouldn't be in the way so much? I mean like every couple seconds girl gotta get rescued from something it just realllllyyy makes her look bad. And its one of the main things Sakura haters dislike, and I can't even get mad about it anymore cause its true. Everytime she does something heroic right after that somebody gotta come save her...that defeats the purpose of her doing something heroic in the first place!

Another thing is throughout the whole series they've been saying she has an affinity for genjutsu...but girl aint worked on it yet. And then the thing with her inner, if used properly I think thatd be a realll good asset. But no, lets just have her strong as crap and able to heal alot, thats good enough. And it may seem like I'm dogging her out but mainly I'm fussing at kishi. She has soooo much skill to expand on! But they barely touch the beginnings of it. All I know is the Sakura in the new movie better be badass(oh the cussing,it is here) cause she deserves it.

And...ONE PIECE I am watching it. And I am loving it, feel like its gonna replace bleach soon. But if you read this comment, tell me what you think. (I need someone to talk too O.O) I'm just a little disappointed by recent events( Okay so maybe its a lot, I'm not too emotional about it right? "You wrote four paragraphs." ...okay so maybe I am emotional about it.)
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